Unlimited Filtered Water

Aqua Sentinel has been in the water service business for over 10 years. We are a trusted vendor to over 500 clients across North America. Our point-of-use water coolers mean that you get unlimited cold or hot filtered water, saving you money. Contact us to learn about our 15-day free trial, pricing and our available models.

Save Money

Stop paying for water delivery. On average we save our customers anywhere from $50 to $500 a month.

Save Time

Don’t spend another second worrying about placing another order. We proactively schedule a filter change when needed.

Save Space

No longer worry about storage. Our coolers are installed using your water lines and therefore don’t take up anymore space than necessary.

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“We have been using the Aqua Sentinel water purification system since July 2007. We were previously using bottled water and found it was a major inconvenience and hassle. We are happy about the change to a water cooler system for our business. We were spending over $65 a month on bottled water systems and the costs were always changing

The Aqua Sentinel water purifier provides us with fresh water that our patients enjoy. I would highly recommend this system as a replacement for bottled water users”