Countertop water coolers

Countertop water coolers are a great solution and option for unlimited clean and safe tasting water, when you want to forgo a sink faucet instillation. They provide unlimited instant hot, cold and sparkling water and have a modern and sleek design, perfect for any home or business.

What to expect

When a countertop water cooler is purchased, a certified technician will be scheduled to arrive onsite based on your desired date and time.

The instillation is quick and easy. The water cooler is hooked-up to your current water line, without impacting any other water faucets. We ensure a clean instillation, so all lines will be neatly tucked away. Once the machine is hook-up and powered on, you get instant access to clean and fresh water. The water goes through our premium filters, which we proactively change every 6 - 12 months, dependent on the filtration type and your needs.