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Discover how Aqua Sentinel protects your appliances and your wallet

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Protects your pipes and appliances: You can physically see the impact of hard water and over time it can breakdown your pipes, clog your shower heads, and leave buildup and stains. See that white film on your shower door? That’s a sign of hard water and that film is left on your skin too.

Provides long-term savings: Having softer water leaves your skin and hair healthier and requires less soap. Many people also find that it extends the life, quality, and vibrancy of their clothes and appliance. In the end, this means long-term savings.

Removes excess minerals: We know that too much of anything is not good for you. Too much salt can spoil your favourite dish just like too many minerals can ruin your water. Our system removes excess calcium and magnesium, carbonates; bicarbonates; and sulfates.