Under the sink filtration systems

Under the sink filtration is a great option for many homes and businesses. It provides additional counter and floor space, compared bottleless coolers.


What to expect

When you purchase a faucet filtration system, one of our certified technicians will be scheduled to install the unit. The filtration system will be hooked up to your water line, but will not disrupt your current taps water, or water pressure.

The filtration unit will be installed and mounted under your sink, to ensure that it’s secure and out of the way, providing maximum space.

A sleek and modern tap will then be mounted on your kitchen counter, beside your kitchen tap. This will allow pure filtered hot and cold water to be continually accessed.

Our filtration system typically comes with 2 filters, (a carbon and R/O) which ensures you’re getting clean, safe and the best tasting water possible. However, other filters are available, based on specific needs.

We proactively schedule maintenance and filtration changes every 6 to 12 months, depending on the filtration system requirements and at your convenience.