Aqua Sentinel Difference

We’re not your typical water service company. We’re dedicated to providing the best quality customer service, products, and prices. Quality is infused in everything we do

Great Price


We have premium products at a variety of price points to ensure that you get the best possible product, at the price you need.

The best part of all is our Price Guarantee. If we change your pricing at any point during our term, you are free to cancel without penalty.

A consistent cost for your company is as reliable as our commitment to you.

Fixed price for unlimited, purified water.

Customer Service & InstAllations

We care about our customers and the quality of our customer service.

We’re here to help and that means responsive onsite service, when you need it.

We also pride ourselves in handling a variety of tough installations and ensuring the quality of installs meets industry standards. What our competitors easily cast aside as too difficult, we easily pick up. No job is too big, small, or difficult for us to handle and we have the experience to prove it.

We are WSIB-compliant and carry all the necessary insurances with a spotless track record of safety and customer satisfaction with our installations.

The Best Customer Service

The Best Water Coolers


All products we use are certified and meet industry standards. That means you’re getting the best quality bottleless water coolers and water filers, to ensure the cleanest and safest water and instillation.